So the other day I went to my friends house. I took my Emilys Army albums to her house so she could put the songs onto her IPod. The day I went home I forgot to put them in my bag and didn’t remember till we were 5 minutes away. Since her mom didn’t want to go back to get them so I would have to wait until her mom had time to bring it over. Later that day she texted me saying she needed to talk to me ASAP. I called her and she says “you’re gonna hate me” me thinking it was some pointless bullshit she normally tells me, I ask her why. She tells me that I left my flat iron in her room. I blow it off and say that its fine just to bring it when she brings my albums. She paused for a moment and says “yeahh about that your album got ruined”. I start to freak out and I’m on the verge of tears. And she tells me that its my album that I got autographs from the entire band of Emilys Army. I start balling my eyes out and hang up on her. My mom asks me what’s wrong. When I tell her what happened. As I’m freaking out my friend calls me. I decline the call. She sends me a really long message explaining how it was all just a joke. I called her as I was still crying and started to yell at her and tell her that she’s a fuckin asshole for doing that. She basically ignored what I said and said ” are you seriously crying”? After I yelled at her and told her that those autographs ment the world to me. She wouldn’t talk so I hung up on her for the second time. She texted me with again a really long message saying how I needed to calm dow that it was just a joke. I didn’t answer because obviously she was being an ignorant asshole that doesn’t understand what I was trying to tell her. After a few days I got my albums back and seeing nothing was wrong with them I forgave her. When we were texting I found the perfect time to prank her back twice as hard then she did to me. I told her that I was running away. I guess my acting skills made her belive that I was actually running away and she because super worried. When I felt like she had enough I told her that it was a joke. She got so pissed off that my prank was better then hers she hasn’t texted me a single sentence since. Our friendship is so amazing :/

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